The scientific theory of evolution relies on the occurrence of random genetic variations and then natural selection for those genetic variations that perform positively in the environment.  Clearly micro-evolution within a species does occur – witness the development of antibiotic super germs.  Evolution, however, does not explain the origins of life or adequately explain the development of the vastly different species inhabiting the earth. 

      Darwinian evolution should be taught as scientific history.   Here is my summary:  “Darwinian evolution was a theory favored by some for a century and a half in an attempt to explain how all life has a purely material cause.  The evidence discovered and developed since Darwin proposed his theory, however, shows it to be in error.” 

      Many in the scientific community fail to follow the evidence wherever it leads.  Instead, those in the scientific community still touting Darwin’s theory refuse to recognize that much of nature – from the origin of the universe to the most simple of living organisms to our own incredibly complex bodies and the components thereof – carry clear evidence of design.

      Indeed, whereas Darwin would say you are the product of chance, if you follow the evidence to its most obvious conclusion, it is apparent God – with you in mind – took billions of years to fashion a world that is ideally suited for you.  Then, when the world was just right, He made man “in His own image”, forming him “of dust of the ground” and then “breath[ing] into his nostrils the breath of life …”  Gen. 1:26-2:7.  You are not a Darwinian product of chance; you are wonderfully made, and incredibly valued, by God.