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As a Texas attorney, I have 26 years of experience in my civil practice.  For almost 2 decades of that time, I have been blessed to practice law with David Schubert and Blake Evans at various firms, including  for the past 7 1/2 years at Schubert & Evans, PC.  At present, I primarily assist clients with indemnity and insurance coverage analysis and litigation, and represent clients in lawsuits and arbitrations involving contract or business disputes or claims regarding alleged defective construction of property improvements.   I also review and draft contracts and prepare wills and related documents.  In the past, I have also been involved in lawsuits touching on a wide variety of other areas, including Robinson-Patman Act, class action, family law, personal injury, oil & gas working interest and banking litigation.

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As a cattleman, over the past 20 years I have built a small but profitable cow-calf operation from scratch in Ellis County, Texas.  Currently I lease pasture near Mertens, Texas.   

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My wife of 34 years and I are members of, and regularly attend, All Saints Dallas, a congregation that is part of the Anglican Mission To The Americas.  http://allsaintschurchdallas.org